Institute of Information Systems Engineering Compilers&Languages
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Jens Knoop         
Mi: 15-16h

Martin Ertl            


Andreas Krall      
Mo: 10-11h


Eva Maria Kühn   
Mo: 15-16h


Franz Puntigam  
Mo: 10-11h

Ulrich Neumerkel
Do: 10-11h

Markus Raab:      

Research Topics:

The following incomplete list shall give a raw idea of our major research topics.

  • Code selection

  • Instruction scheduling

  • Register allocation

  • Code generation

  • Code replication

  • Speculative execution

  • Java

  • Types in object-oriented programming

  • Component programming

  • Implementation of logic programming languages

  • Constraint logic programming

  • Termination inference

  • Space Based Computing Middleware

  • Blockchain technologies

  • Forth and stack-based languages

  • Linux

  • Interpreter

  • ....

Further information can be found on the web pages of the people in the Complang Group.