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2019-06-10 [

Jens Knoop


SPIRAL’s Operator Language: From Textbook Math to High Performance – With Correctness Guarantees

Der Forschungsbereich für Programmiersprachen und Übersetzer am Institut für Information Systems Engineering lädt zu folgendem Vortrag ein:


Prof. Dr. Franz Franchetti
ECE Department, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

DATUM: Dienstag, den 18. Juni 2019

ZEIT:  14:00 Uhr c.t. *)
ORT:   TU Wien, Bibliothek E194-05, Argentinierstr. 8,
       4. Stock (Mitte).  

*) Tee: 13:45 Uhr in der Bibliothek E194-05, Argentinierstr. 8,
        4. Stock (Mitte).


TITEL: "SPIRAL’s Operator Language: From Textbook Math to High
        Performance – With Correctness Guarantees"


This talk discusses the Operator Language, the enabling technology in
the SPIRAL code generation and automatic performance tuning system. We
develop a formal framework to capture computational algorithms,
computing platforms, and program transformations of interest, using a
unifying mathematical formalism we call operator language (OL). Then
we cast the problem of synthesizing highly optimized computational
kernels for a given machine as a strongly constrained optimization
problem that is solved by a multi-stage rewriting system. Since all
rewrite steps are semantics preserving identity operations, our
approach allows us to formally prove the equivalence between the
kernel specification and the synthesized program.  Finally we present
a first look at FFTX and SpectralPack. We aim at translating the
LAPACK/BLAS approach from the numerical linear algebra world to the
spectral algorithm domain. FFTX is extending and updating FFTW for the
exascale era and beyond while providing backwards
compatibility. SpectralPack captures higher level spectral algorithms
and their variants, including convolutions, Poisson solvers,
correlations, and numerical differentiation approaches that translate
to FFT calls. The SPIRAL system--now available as open source under a
BSD/Apache license--underpins the effort to provide performance

Kurzbiographie von Franz Franchetti

Franz Franchetti is a full Professor (with indefinite tenure) in the
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon
University. He received the Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc.) degree in Technical
Mathematics and the Dr. techn. (Ph.D.) degree in Computational
Mathematics from the Vienna University of Technology in 2000 and 2003,
respectively. In 2006 he was member of the team winning the Gordon
Bell Prize (Peak Performance Award) and in 2010 he was member of the
team winning the HPC Challenge Class II Award (most productive
system). In 2013 he was awarded the CIT Dean's Early Career Fellowship
by the College of Engineering of Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Franchetti's research focuses on automatic performance tuning and
program generation for emerging parallel platforms and
algorithm/hardware co-synthesis. He targets multicore CPUs, clusters
and high-performance systems (HPC), graphics processors (GPUs), field
programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), FPGA-acceleration for CPUs, and
logic-in-memory and 3DIC chip design.  Within the Spiral effort, his
research goal is to enable automatic generation of highly optimized
software libraries for important kernel functionality. In other
collaborative research threads, Dr. Franchetti is investigating the
applicability of domain-specific transformations within standard
compilers and the application of HPC in smart grids and material
sciences. He leads three DARPA projects in the BRASS, HACMS, and
PERFECT programs and is PI/Co-PI on a number of federal and industry

Dr. Franchetti is Faculty Director of Information Technology Services
in the ECE Department at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also CTO
and Co-Founder of Spiral Gen, Inc., a Pittsburgh area startup that
commercializes the Spiral technology. Previously, he has been Thrust
Leader of the Security Thrust in Carnegie Mellon’s SRC Smart Grid
Research Center and Faculty Senator for the ECE Department at Carnegie

Professor Franchetti is Immediate Past President of the Austrian
Scientists and Scholars in North America (ASciNA), and currently leads
the ASciNA Western Pennsylvania chapter. Please contact him if you are
an Austrian academic in the Greater Pittsburgh area.
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